Good News Stories

The grant impacted on my life in such a big way..

I felt supported to recognise a passion, and to succeed in something. I got to finish something i started which helped me have a different experience of ending’s. I hadn’t thought it was possible,but if kind strangers believe in you and are willing to invest in your future. To have support in life is a major thing. It is a gift and i am truly thankful. The course brought a feeling of joy that I wasn’t expecting and through meeting with clients and seeing a transformation in their life through our relationship. I grew immeasurably,as did my understanding of things in my world and the relationships around me. This grant effectively set me up for life.

I am very much enjoying….

…the college course that your “Thomas Wall” Trust Fund helped to fund for me.”IT” is so very important in this day and age and I am beginning to feel that I can now partake in much more things that are computer based. Before this I felt completely left out in every day activities, not anymore. My tutor says that I am doing well and I am liking all the challenges and tasks that are set for me in class. Once again, thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Without this grant….

I couldn’t have gotten the credits required to apply to my current university. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to be awarded the aid and after co plating the course, applied to SOAS London to do Chinese, for which I was accepted and am now halfway through. This award gave me the tools I needed to move on in life after constant pitfalls and glass ceilings, and I’m forever grateful to the Trust for giving me their support. I am now able to pursue my career in language, something I had at one time thought no longer possible.

The grant has changed my life….

for the better as I got to drive the lorry I wanted to all my life after getting out of jail I had nothing until I got accepted for the grant, so it has made a big impact on not only my life, but my family life aswell.

I am very grateful…

…that the Thomas Wall Trust have awarded me this grant to enable me to complete my MOT Testing course.  This will help me to fulfil my ambition of becoming a MOT Tester, which will make such a big difference to my life, now, and in the future.

The Trust helped me achieve….

my goal of becoming an HGV driver, I couldn’t have afforded to do the course otherwise. I was able to move up in the company I was in and earn a good wage. It has helped my self esteem and job prospects for the future too with the experience I have been able to get.