Setting up the Trust

The Trust was created by deed poll in 1920 by Thomas Wall and the objects of the Trust were set out in a Scheme of the High Court of Justice dated 15th December 1936 – “The income of the charity shall be applied at the sole and unfettered discretion of the Trustees in any matter which they should consider conducive to the encouragement and assistance of educational work and social service”.


A history of the trust




Richard Wall opened his business as a pork butcher in St. James’s Market, London.


1812 Richard received the first Royal Appointment to George, Prince of Wales as “Purveyor of Pork” and Richard continued to serve him as both Prince Regent and later as King George IV, Queen Victoria, Edward VII, and George V.


Thomas Wall was born, followed by a sister, Eleanor in 1824.  


Richard Wall’s business became legendary. He moved to larger more prestigious premises at Jermyn Street.  


Richard Wall died leaving his widow, Ann, and 19 year old Thomas Wall to run the business. They continued trading as Ann Wall and Son. Ann died very shortly after the death of her husband and Thomas Wall took sole charge of the business.


Thomas Wall II was born


Thomas Wall II began his apprenticeship in the business and the firm continued to trade as Thomas Wall & Son.


The second son, Frederick, joined the business giving rise to the historic company and brand “Thomas Wall & Sons”. The business maintained its high level of recognition and received a series of Royal Appointments from King George IV, Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V.


Every Summer demand for its sausages, pies and meat fell, so Thomas Wall II conceived the idea of making ice cream in the summer to avoid laying off staff.


Thomas Wall, a committed philanthropist set up the Thomas Wall Trust.


The meat products  were acquired in 1922 by Lever Brothers, which became a part of Unilever in 1930.


Unilever sold off the meat products business and a licence to use the Wall’s brand on such within the United Kingdom to Kerry Group.


Thomas Wall Trust joined Twitter


The Thomas Wall Trust supported students suffering from hardship at Hillcroft College, whom they have an historic connection with.


The Thomas Wall Trust celebrated it’s 100th birthday, and marked the occasion by launching the Digital Skills programme which ran throughout 2020 and 2021.